Kiki and Zazu are free. Wherever I can take them, they come along – parks, groceries, pet stores, the beach. They have their own travel cages in the car and absolutely love riding along! They especially love going to pet stores and seeing other birds. I cannot imagine how someone could keep a parrot and never take it out somewhere. Kiki and Zazu’s flight feathers are clipped, and while they are still able to glide or catch some drift, they are not able to fly off.

How we ride

Kiki likes to crawl into small, enclosed spaces, and often likes to be covered with a blanket for shelter. This bag is how we travel for quick runs, or to go places where birds aren’t necessarily allowed through (it’s quite disguised). It’s a Juicy Couture Dog Carrier, but it works perfectly for her. Luckily Kiki isn’t very destructive, otherwise this bag wouldn’t last very long. I usually pop a seed stick or millet spray in for her as well as a mirror for entertainment. It has lovely side pockets that can fit extra food or toys. Like the true princess she is, it also lets her travel in style! ?

For longer trips Zazu & Kiki like to ride more comfortably in their Caitec Perch N Go carriers. They work very well as temporary cages for overnight stays in hotels or caravan parks. They also double up really nicely as perches when you do quick stops at parks for a picnic or such. Because safety is just as important for birds in a car as it is for us, I’m very careful about letting my birds ride outside of their carriers unless we’re going very slow on a quiet road.