These are sites me, Kiki, and Zazu look at together. They don’t approve all the sites I’ve listed under “behavior” and “training” and reckon the birds should be given the treats without having to do anything. Kiki also thinks I should put up more toy suppliers and seed manufacturers.

Please email me so we can check out your webpage 🙂


Indian Ringnecks


Special Birds

Vonnegut the Indian Ringneck Parrot
The Happy Cockatoo


Bird Furniture

WINGDOW®, Elegant avian furniture
Natural Inspiration Parrot Cages
King Solomon Parrot Cages


Toys & Supplies

Things for Wings: Parrot Boutique
Crazy for Birds Toys
The Parrot Wizard – Toys, Props & Training Accessories


Travel Accessories

Wingabago® Carrier
Pak-o-Bird Backpack Carrier
Caitec – Perch N Go Carrier


Food & Nutrition
Parrot Enrichment: Recipes


Adelaide Shops & Breeders

Camsal Aviaries
South Australia Bird Co.
The Bird Place


Information & Resources

Birds ‘n Ways
Perch Factory
Students with Birds: Life Hacks for Parrot Owners


Forums & Communities

Avian Avenue
Tail Feathers Network


Societies & Rescue

Parrot Society of Australia
The Gabriel Foundation
The Alex Foundation



Birdkeeper Magazine
Parrots Magazine