Daily Routine

The daily processes that make up Kiki & Zazu’s day-to-day life.


I had a lot of issues getting Kiki onto a pellet diet, since she had been so used to seeds only for a long time. Having had Zazu since he was just a baby, it was very easy to get him accustomed to this, and he actually enjoyed them immensely! Vetafarm’s flavoured pellets were the only ones I could get them to eat, the others were just not “interesting” enough for them to touch.

Kiki loves being part of everything we do, and has Rooibos tea every morning in her very own blue cup.


Shower / Bathtime

Morning showers are part of Kiki and Zazu’s daily routine. They both have their own shower perch. For Zazu, this is his favourite part of the day, for Kiki it’s second after feeding 😉